Bericht vom Spanienaustausch


Im Folgenden findet sich ein kontinuierlich verfasster Bericht zum Spanienaustausch (auf Englisch).

The Day of the arrival
We met at HH at 1:30 pm - that was exactly two hours before our plane was to take off. Full of excitement, full of anticipation we sat in the plane. Three hours and 20 minutes later our exchange partners gave us a kiss on every cheek - typical of Spain. Some met again to take a walk through Sevilla to get a first impression, some had a nice meal with the host family and some just wanted to chill. At night time we all fell into our new beds at our new flats. A flat for one whole week full of new expierences.
Manja, Ida

Day 2
After we spent the first night at our nice host families, we went to school and had some breakfast: Toast with butter and ham. After that the spanish students told us something about famous cities and holidays in Spain. Later we went to the Antiquarium where you could see old excavations and we also went on top of the building and had a great view over the whole city. In the evening we met at the river and went into the City Centre together. We also ate some Pizza and enjoyed the beautiful Sevilla at night.
Melissa, Lotta, Jolie

Day 3
Today we had a trip to Cádiz. We visited a part of the city, bought fresh food like strawberries and pineapples and spent the day at the beach. Some of us played football and went swimming. It was very very windy in Cádiz but also very warm. We ate ice cream and had lots of fun at the beach. Back in Sevilla some of us were at a little Sit-in with other Spanish students or met in the city center in the evening.
Cosima, Laura

Day 4
Nevertheless that the fourth day happened to be a Sunday, we had to wake up early at 8:30. Our spanish exchange students booked three hours of paintball for the hole group. The paintball area was placed in a field outside the city. After this very funny event all of us met once again downtown and visited another park.
Cora, Bjarne

Day 5
We started our day with a very interesting english lesson with Manuela. After the spanish history teacher went with us to the ''betis-street'' near the river we visited the beautiful Real Alcazar. The weather this day was perfect.
Tjade, Len

Day 6
Today we went to see the Cathedral of Sevilla. It‘s so huge! From the tower we had a great view above the city, although there were crowds of hundreds of people. The weather is sunny and extremely hot and we‘re enjoying it. After that we went home and had a nice meal. Later we walked to the kayak shop. We had a interesting kayak tour on the river, which extends right through Sevilla. In the Evening we ate in the city and walked around. The city is very beautiful at night, because a lot of wonderful lights, which shined at the buildings.

Day 7
Today we went to Córdoba. It is a beautiful city with narrow alleys full of flowers. After visiting the impressive mosque we had free time. Some of us enjoyed the nice weather and others ate something. In the evening, back in Seville, we all (spanish & german) met and ate
pizza together. This was a great day!
Berit, Nele